Liebe hat keine Übersetzung – Love has no translation

Saved, to die in captivity (the perfect sniper)

All over, where man

his foot sets

the sorrow

follows him!

But also

the love

follows him!

It is to despair!

What he builds

in sweat and


he destroys

in a thoughtless moment

of irascibility!

What a cruel

and wonderful species:

To be Able in so much love

and and so

much cruelty


Often I don’t know

whether I’m proud

or should be sad

to be human?

Then the tears

shoot me

in the eyes and

I dish with lots of beer!

Its hard here

if you love animals

and hate guns

and at the same time

you can shoot excellent!

I am like

physicist who slips past

to build the atomic

bomb and prefers to

construct tin toys!


they catch me

bare and dry

yet! And then

I have to move in!

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