#KarlMay: „Bei #ARD und #ZDF sitzen Sie in der 1. Reihe“- Die #Kreativen und die #Naiven im #ÖRR: Dagegen ist die #Causa #PatriciaSchlesinger ein #Furz! #WalterCronceit #WeatherReport #Hue #KirkDouglas

Ace in the Hole (toxisch woke shitstorms)

I know

the pics

of Walter Cronkeit

from Hue.

At that time,

journalists believed

also, they

can do anything!

Yes, very close on

the action be and

that cut Death a


But the thing

went backwards,

because the US citizens

were horrified!

The Tet Offensive

and their reporting

was the beginning

from the end of Nixon!

But ours ARD

is determined armed.

There won’t be

kinschal beat in between!

But the audience

and the public!

You never know,

how they receive…

so beautiful Reporting

from such a beautiful city!

At the end

the people don’t

more belive there

is a war.

All just theatre of

the reptilians?

Whether are a

weather report

about the shit storm

on the Internet, too?

I keep to dig

thinking Tunnel!

Should he

me to bury!

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