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Verklappung von Fukushima-Kühlwasser rückt näher
Mehr als elf Jahre nach der Atomkatastrophe von Fukushima rückt der Plan Japans näher, riesige Mengen radioaktiven Kühlwassers ins Meer zu leiten. China, Taiwan und Philippinen legen Beschwerde ein!

Relativism everywhere!

wherever you go
everyone tells 
you something different!
pigs are mammals
Whales are fish 
and cockatoos are
Everyone tells
his story!
The Gulf Stream
the deserts flourish
and the war
is harmless.
Everyone has his
the judges too!
The Neanderthal
was a
the mormons
already lived
12000 years ago
in Utah and a
certain Chaplin
was a gypsy
from Birmingham.
There's always a 
spark somewhere
truth in it
and every tall tale
has morals!
God loves them
that's why
search their-selfs
always in the 
vale of tears!

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