#Diversität? Welche Diversität denn? Die Hölle der Influencer! (diversity? What #diversity? #Influencer Hell! #BRICS versus #EU

“Darf man alles sagen und schreiben, was die Sprache hergibt? Natürlich darf man das, sonst würde sie sich nicht entwickeln. Man darf es nur nicht von allen erwarten, dass sie das verstehen, diese geistigen Tiefflieger!” Hubert Selby jr.

How similar the spinners are!

Forrest Gump is 
actually a smartass 
against them!
He has one
Believe, even 
if it's just 
about boxes 
of chocolates!
He knows about good 
shoes. Has running 
and fishing experience. 
He loves with 
all his heart
and he always 
drinks too 
much Dr Peppers Cola!
He plays table 
tennis like 
a machine gun and
saves people
selfless. He
is an everyday 
hero who likes 
to drive a lawnmower 
because he has 
too much
Apple shares!
He's from Alabama,
what in itself 
is bad enough. 
Truman Capote 
was also from 
Lousiana, what
is no better.
Forrest is 
definitely not
although he
Lennon and Presley
knew and
he is not a 
member of 
the Ku Klux Klan!
Every time 
if I
watch the movie
I'm like, "Hugh, 
the character is 
complex even 
though he has 
an IQ under 80!
Every time
if I look
on Youtube
at the 
with their 
opinions and 
I think I am
in the wrong movie!

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