Der #Metoo – #Fall #MarievondenBenken , #OlliSchulz und #KasiaLehnhardt (#Suicide is neither a #proof, nor an #excuse, nor a #justification!)

Drive pigs through the village (for a mother who -for reasons of honor- preferred to kill herself instead to take care of her little child!)

It’s always a mess

when someone

messes up and

the shit is

justified by others!

Everyone is for their

own Shit self-responsible!

There is no need

for defenders, prosecutors, or

a moral majority, posing

as a judge play!

But worst are

they Media hookers

posing as moral

monitors ass

if they were

at the deeds

themselves present.

Their justifications for their

interference lowest level

and their comments

blink with sociopedagogical

revenge against

everything, what has a tail!

Who chatter

from the shark

tank of vips,

should think twice

where he just as

„harmless“ fish in

the tank slurping around!

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