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Bet on the wrong horse

Since 89 will
we're being 
fooled by 
the Germans again!
This time it weren't 
the brown Hun hordes,
but the red cunts of 
the socialist entrants!
Everyone wondered
how could it
only comes to Brexit?
What went wrong?
Artists like 
Peter Greenaway,
Mike Leigh,
Stephen Frears
Lexi Alexander
knew early
enough: post-capitalism
and prä-socialism
in globalism
eat and beat 
their children!
The Ukraine War
is just only that
Cream topping!
And those who 
cried before:
Fuck Brexit!
Those ass kissers
are now happy
squatting on 
an isolated island?
Is it all like that?
Should it comes
to show
how relativizable blind
political decisions are?

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