The #Hubble constant is written in the #stars or how to manipulate the #internet: In memory of #LemmyKilmister – #MofuBastards in #Space

Fair and unfair methods

First of all, nothing is fair.
Not that all methods are allowed,
but man knows no hurdles to his
personal view of morality
to push through!
Law, decency, charity, kindness 
and understanding cannot be 
found on the internet.
It's full of toxic personalities 
looking to make their personal cut:
And that's millions!
The inventors of
Web hoped for Training! 
What they got was advertising 
platforms! no wonder
that today chat rooms host 
therapy sessions, mass dating 
for acts of violence and
are reservoirs for psychopaths?
One can use a tool like one
Hammer to hit one
Use nails or for driving

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