And again #Mythsbutcher and #Joker struck: Three States affected: Multiple dead in #US shootings. Several people were killed and many injured in the US cities of #Chattanooga, #Saginaw and #Philadelphia. The #MOFUbastard promises an #AMOK year of fear and dread!

Amok made in US

They will us
kill! Again and again!
Without doubt!
Without mercy!
They do it,
because they can!
They drive us
the knife
between the ribs.
They're holding their guns
to the temples!
They take aim
automatic rifles on us!
And they will
do it!
Again and again!
They will keep doing 
it until we fight back.
And then is
civil war!
Let's defend ourselves
not, it is one
one-sided carnage
for the freedom
to be allowed 
to carry a weapon
to ward off a tyrant
which every four years
is chosen anyway!
A shitty game,
nothing else!

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