…: and tomorrow the whole world! #China, #Russia, the #FSB and its #Influencer #神话屠夫

Lend-Lease Act (An Act to Promote the Defense of Russia and China!)„Es zittern die morschen Knochen“

We are drunk
from abundance
of the products!
The workbench
of the world
produces what
the stuff holds!
The bartender
of the world
holds all
their backs free
and pours out plenty
if they do not
complains and 
grumbles in production!
More gas,
more oil,
more rare
more light,
more machines
more markets!
We throw
to you,until your
ass smokes!
We must
we must
catch up,
we must
raise up,
we must
do you want them?
Save the world,
I see
endless caravans
along the
Silk Road.
peoples of assholes
in luggage,
they Europe
Genghis Khan,
the second!

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