Twitter Chicks and Micropoems



Diese Katze ist nicht süß, sondern tot! (Tuck, Tuck, Twittercats)


Seldom heaven, No more virgin
Blue bitch mountains, dead Indians River.
Life is bold there,sold out than the trees,
Cheaper than the mountains, Blowing like winding sheet.


: woman/
cant´t have a cause/
there is one wave/
oftener than the other….


darkness is light!/
you can´t see it,/
you are blind!


My budgie herman/
flew from australia/
to here. He is a/
long distance smuggler.


I spit into the wind/
and wait for response/
damp echo


Many dreams/
in the harvester/
perish as bales of straw.


Did you hear/
the Didgeridoo/
had rung out/
like bad sands/
and stuff winds/
dark and deep/
such as death rattle/
beached wahle/
in the summerday/

We will pay.
Will pay,
forgotten bills in
their ancestral land .


I´m a bot/
live in a buttery/
near by a battery/
of D-Day.



Cut me/
with chops/
of lies and/
an´ than go/
in the kitchen!
finds a heart/
with taste/
without blood?


For J.J. Cale in memory of
Your skin/
is the only sense/
after the midnight!



a settlement I fall in love/
with you./
I don´t know why?/
Maybe in awaiting/ the pain?


Your time/
is not my term./
freeway sounds!


memorable, your squalls, when I led the trump.


Don´t belive me!/
I´m a liar!/
With sapient words!



The nerv/
in your face/
is sliced for free.
My knife/
on your ill tongue/
inspire me/
with confidence!


My back/
is me!/
Your back/
is he?

pics in/
your mind/
is my pleasure.


you taste/
my timber/
with nails!


some times/
fade away/
like birds singing!

The cool light/
in your bathroom/
attracts flies/
metallic green an´ fat./
The loo is empty.


Don´t belive me!/
I´m a liar!/
With sapient words!


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